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The Original Hampsterdance Song

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About the Hamster Dance

The following is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

The Hampsterdance Song” is a song by Hampton the Hampster. It was released in July 2000 as a single. It was produced by¬†The Boomtang Boys, using a sped-up hook from the Roger Miller song “Whistle Stop”, notably featured in Disney’s 1973 film¬†Robin Hood. Voiceover artist Erin Andres performed the additional rap lyrics, though remained uncredited, even in her subsequent appearances as the voice of Hampton the Hamster. In 2005,¬†CNET¬†named the Hampster Dance the number-one¬†Web¬†fad.

It is also one of the earliest examples of an¬†Internet meme. In its original incarnation, the meme first surfaced as a web page in 1998. Created by Canadian art student Deidre LaCarte as a¬†Geocities¬†page, the dance features rows of animated¬†GIFs¬†of¬†hamsters¬†and other rodents¬†dancing¬†in various ways to a sped-up¬†sample¬†from the song “Whistle Stop” by¬†Roger Miller.

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